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on the news

TREMEND Project on the Radio

TREMEND project appeared in the leader radio station of Spain: La Ser. Apperance happened in the program "A vivir que son dos días" in the section of Science and technology.


The "globe" reducing tremor at hand

TREMEND in the News.

The general Journalist Lola Lobo at magacine VLC News choose TREMEND Project for the front page. The header of the publication is accurate and true: The "Globe" reducing tremor at hand.

The magacine shows a picture of the prototype and highlights the results in the clinical trials.



TREMEND - A case of success

TREMEND - A Case of Sucess

TREMEND has been chosen by Regional Government of Valencia as case of success in Innovation and applied Research for Health at the symposium "Iniciativas de Éxito en Innovación Sanitaria". A presentation of the chosen example of success took place 21st of May 2013. And has been reflected in the media:


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